New international LIFE project under way!

In the new project LIFE VineAdapt, led by Landgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt, the activities of LIFE VinEcoS will be extended to a total of 4 partner countries and more than 50 wineries. The focus is on the following activities to adapt viticulture to climate change: regional wild plants for inter-row greening, biodiversity friendly undervine management, resource-efficient fertilization and demand-oriented irrigation.

LIFE VineAdapt project partners include, in addition to the three existing partners from Saxony-Anhalt, the Marrenon Wine Cooperative and the University of Avignon from France, the Silberberg State Winery as well as the Federal Research Institute for Agriculture from Austria and the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture from Hungary. The project is designed to run until mid 2025.